Xero Accounting

How Xero can solve small business accounting problems

25th October 2017

When you’re a small business owner, especially if your business is still in its infancy, your time comes at a premium. Often, what financial and human resources you do have are focused on the vital functions and running the business, leaving you to handle the more logistical and, let’s be frank, mundane administrative duties like your accounting. Read More

Why choose Xero Cloud Accounting Software

18th October 2017

Accounting software can be a valuable asset to any small business, automating many of the functions that would otherwise take time, money and effort away from other more important functions for your business’ longevity and success. Read More

The most valuable features of Xero Accounting Software

10th October 2017

Xero accounting software has become known as one of the best cloud accounting software on the market right now. As specialist Xero accountants, it’s no surprise that we love Xero, but there are a lot of reasons why you should too. Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Xero Accounting: The Set-Up

29th September 2017

For small businesses, Xero offers the integrated functionality to streamline your accounting and offer you constant real-time insights into the performance of your business – as well as an increased understanding into what happens in your business on a granular level. Read More

Is Xero Accounting right for your Business?

5th September 2017

Running a small business can be an extremely gratifying enterprise. Being able to cultivate your ideas and watch them turn into a functioning and successful business, the ability to monopolise your own time and to work on something that you’re truly passionate about every day are among many of the reasons entrepreneurs decide to break the mould and set up their own shop. Read More

What is Xero Accounting?

1st September 2017

For the majority of small business owners, spending hours slogging over your own accounting is definitely not the main reason you went into business. And, if you’re unused to managing key functions like payroll, filing orders and other accounting administration, you’re likely finding yourself spending an inordinate amount of time just trying to understand what it is you’re meant to be doing than anything actually productive. Read More

Promising commercial development scheme proposed for North Kent

1st March 2017

With a geographically attractive location and close links to both London and the European mainland, there’s no wonder why the county of Kent has become a hub of business in the South East. Read More

The top ten fastest growing companies in Kent

30th November 2016

With both London and mainland Europe in easy reach, Kent is a geographically attractive location for start-ups and existing business alike. With the Thames Estuary Development Plan launched in early 2016, continuing investment into the area and improved transport links, Kent’s already thriving business community is in an excellent position for future growth. Read More

10 steps to ensuring a healthy cashflow for your Kent business

28th November 2016

We frequently hear that the linchpin of the national economy is small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). At the beginning of 2016, there were 5.5 million businesses in the private sector, accounting for 60 per cent of all private sector workers. The majority of these businesses are SMEs but the survival rate isn’t favourable. The chance of a start up business lasting more than five years is less than 50%, while a significant number don’t even last six months. Read More

2017 beckons – time to update your business plan?

16th November 2016

As another year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on your recent business successes – and consider what you’d like to achieve in the coming twelve to fifteen months. Time to revisit that business plan… Read More


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