It could be you

It could be you…

22nd February 2016

We’re looking for a new team member. Send us your CV, along with a covering email (explaining why you think you’re a good fit, and giving your salary expectations) to Read More

Tax Accountants

Two Key Questions That Will Help You Get the Most From Your Tax Return

21st February 2016

Nobody likes filing tax returns. (Okay, except maybe us accountants.) But skipping out on filing day is not an option for business owners like you who want to continue doing their great work. And, if you believe it, understanding the ways you can benefit from tax returns makes the whole process a lot more fun. Read More

Yes sign

Welcome to the YES Economy

3rd February 2016

We’ve all had it as business owners – a customer calls up and asks if you can help with something. It’s not really what you do, although you can see why they called you, but you have to say no, you can’t help. No, not yes. Read More

Employers Guide To The National Minimum Wage

18th January 2016

In October 2015 new national minimum wage rates were introduced in the UK and with the news that the national living wage will be introduced in April 2016, there’s a lot to consider as an employer about these two legal rates of pay that you must offer your employees. Read More

gold ingots

Top Tips: How To Apply For Funding For Your Business

6th January 2016

As business advisers and accountants in Kent we’re constantly helping businesses with financing issues. Money is a powerful tool that allows you to manifest your vision and take your business to new heights, however a lot of business owners lack the knowledge of where to go or how to apply for funding at a reasonable rate…which may not always be a bank loan. Read More

Xero Accredited Silver Partner

Medway Businesses Love Xero

28th November 2015

As Xero accountants based in Medway (although our clients are nationwide) it’s great to see more and more businesses turn away from traditional accounting solutions like SAGE, and move onto the cloud-based Xero bookkeeping software. Read More

Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward – What Makes Businesses Win?

15th October 2015

Today at a conference I had the privilege of listening to Clive Woodward draw on his business and sporting experience and talk about what makes individuals, teams and organisations able to excel – to win. Read More

Now or later

When should I get an accountant?

5th October 2015

You’ve set up your business, maybe got some customers, a bit of cash flowing in. And at some point you ask yourself: ‘When should I get an accountant?’ Read More

Self Employed

The Self-Employed’s Guide to Working from Home

24th September 2015

Few things are as liberating as working for yourself – except maybe having the ability to eat anything you want without gaining weight. People who decide to start a business from home are a rare breed because they have a potent mix of creativity, resoluteness, fearlessness, and ingenuity. Read More

Brave Blossoms of Japan

Business Lessons from Japanese Rugby

21st September 2015

My throat is still a bit sore today from all the shouting at the TV over the weekend. The highlight of the Rugby World Cup so far was undoubtedly Japan’s heroic triumph over South Africa. It should never have happened, but it did, and the rugby world went mental. Read More


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