Does modern software mean it’s time to say goodbye to your accountant?

26th May 2015

Most thriving businesses who want to streamline their financial reporting will have come across accounting software. Often touted as the perfect tool with which to replace your accountant, they are virtual solutions to the complex fiscal issues that challenge the way forward in businesses of every size Read More

Are you sure you save money if you don’t employ an accountant?

9th May 2015

If you are an SME (small to medium size enterprise) and are running a new business, then we know how tight budgets are and how critical that bottom line is. Read More

Chris Hadfield’s ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’

Business Success – Lessons from an Astronaut (part 1)

14th April 2015

For Valentine’s Day, my wife bought me Chris Hadfield’s book ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth’. Chris has spent decades training as an astronaut and over 4000 hours in space. Read More

Thomas Stanley

Thomas Stanley died – why his books matter

3rd March 2015

I found out this morning that Thomas Stanley died a couple of days ago in a car crash. His book, The Millionaire Next Door, was a best-seller all over the place, and you could really do yourself a favour by reading it. Read More

The Number 1 Factor Behind Business Confidence

2nd March 2015

I’ve been meeting with a few clients over the past few weeks, and noticed that they fell roughly into two groups. One group was confident about the future of their business and where they were going, and the other group just wasn’t. Read More

5 Key Steps for New Xero Users

19th February 2015

We’re big fans of Xero. It seems strange to get excited over software, especially bookkeeping software, but Xero has the potential to make your business life so much easier. Up-to-date financial information as easily as possible, giving you business information you need to grow and thrive. That’s what Xero is all about. Read More

Karren Brady

Karren Brady’s Small Business Tips (from Xero conference)

10th February 2015

Karren Brady gave an excellent talk on small businesses at the Xero Conference in London Today (Xerocon London 2015). For the record, she was a much happier person than we’re used to seeing on The Apprentice. Read More

Business Plan

Getting your Business Plan done

7th February 2015

For some people a business plan is an official-looking and lovingly crafted document. For others, it’s back-of-an-envelope stuff. To be honest, it doesn’t matter which approach you go for. What matters is whether or not you manage to execute that plan effectively. Read More

man holding a magazine

Interested in Xero? Want a free Xero magazine?

31st January 2015

At AK Tax & Accountancy we think Xero financial software is great. I’ve just ordered in some copies of a new Xero magazine and one of those copies is yours if you want one. Read More

10 commandments on stone

10 Commandments of managing a small business – Part 2

As the second part of a popular blog post, here are the rest of the top rules for successfully managing a small business. Read More


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