Things are looking up…

1st August 2014

It’s been a hard few years for people in many ways, and business leaders have felt the pinch. When things are looking bad it’s hard to switch off and get away from the worry. Read More

money in a jar

Ready for Auto Enrolment?

6th July 2014

Despite the smiling faces on TV adverts for auto enrolment (the government’s new scheme for small business pension plans for employees) many small business owners are not happy chappies at the moment. Read More

bag full of dollars

Tax Savings for Companies

1st July 2014

At AK Tax, we think using a limited company for your business is a great idea. We’re big fans. Not only does it give your personal assets a degree of protection that you don’t get as a sole trader, but it also lines you up for some serious tax savings. Read More

Who do you want to work for?

16th June 2014

Each of us, even if we haven’t written it down or thought about it that much, have an idea in our heads of our perfect customer or client. Someone we’d really like to work for. Read More

gary barlow

Tax Avoidance Crackdown

3rd June 2014

It’s been hard not to notice the number of celebrities who’ve had their names dragged through the press and through the mud after taking part in aggressive tax planning schemes. Read More

monopoly house

Property & VAT

7th May 2014

Although we work with many different types of businesses, one of our specialties is property development. It’s an area of big transactions where getting the tax treatment right can be very beneficial, and getting it wrong can be very, very expensive. Read More

make it happen post it note

Setting Your Goals

19th April 2014

In a previous blog post I wrote about having a vision for your business, and deciding where you want to take it – where your business is going to be when it’s all grown up. Read More


Free Money!

10th April 2014

It’s not often you get offered free money. It’s even less often that you get offered free money from the Revenue. Read More

runner crossing the finish line

Where’s Your Finish Line?

9th April 2014

It sounds like a weird question for someone in business, but is one of the more important ones you could ever ask yourself. Read More


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